Fortune Gems, Tips Unraveling the Mystique of JILI777

Fortune Gems of JILI777 is a captivating journey into the world of precious stones and mystique. Each gem holds a story, a history, and a unique energy waiting to be discovered. From sparkling diamonds to vibrant emeralds, these gems are beautiful adornments and powerful symbols of prosperity, love, and protection. Join us as we delve into the enchanting realm of Fortune Gems of JILI777, where every gemstone has a tale.

Features of JILI777 Fortune Gems

Features and Descriptions

  • Game Name – Fortune Gems
  • Provider – JILI
  • Type – Video Slot Machine
  • Game Variance – , , , , , , , 
  • Bet Type – 1 spin
  • Type of Interface – User-Friendly Interface with Las Vegas Theme
  • Game Variance – Video Slot

Fortune Gems Logo


The Fortune Gems logo symbolizes the mystery and prosperity associated with JILI’s legendary treasures. At its center is a radiant gemstone, intricately detailed and varied in shape, representing the precious treasures of the Fortune Gems legend. Surrounding the gemstone are ornate designs and vibrant colors, evoking a sense of wonder and allure. The logo captures the essence of hidden treasures and the timeless quest for abundance and destiny, inviting viewers to embark on their journey of discovery and adventure.

Fortune Gems Slot: Game Rules, Game Paytable, and Buttons

Game Rules

  1. According to the pay line settings, three identical symbols must appear from the left to the right to win the prize.


  1. Winnings = (odds x bet amount x special reel multiplier)/5.

For example, if the Player bets 600 and wins on the first pay line, the unique reel center will say that the winnings will be “(20 x 600 x 10)/5 = 24000″.”

  1. Extra bets need to pay an additional 50% of the betting amount.
  2. Extra bets winnings = (Odds x General bet amount x Special reel multiplier)/5.

For example, if the Player bets 600 and opens the extra bets, the total bet is 900, and he wins in the first pay line, the unique reel center, the winnings will be “(20 x 600 x 10)/5 = 24000″.”

  1. Winnings are the sums on different pay lines.
  2. Volatility: 3 of 5 chili peppers represent the med volatility of the game.
  3. Malfunctions void all payments and plays. The system will automatically complete the subsequent game and reward the player if a malfunction occurs during the feature game.
  4. Incomplete games will be automatically resolved after 48 hours. Any winnings resulting from automatic resolve shall be paid to the player’s account.

Pay Table


3 X 25

Substitutes for any symbols


3 X 20


3 X 15


3 X 12


3 X 10


3 X 8


3 X 5


3 X 2

Special Wheel


  • Particular WheelThe fourth wheel is specific.
  • All winning payouts will be multiplied by the rate at the center of the particular reel.
  • There are 6 multipliers in general betting: 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, 15x.
  • Extra bets will only appear at rates other than the general bet 1x.
  • Extra bets will significantly increase the probability of the appearance of high-rate symbols.

The Game Button Fortune Gems

Buttons and their Purpose


Spin: Tap to start spinning based on the current bet.


Auto Spin: Tap to start the autoplay, and click again to stop the auto spin.


Turbo Spin: Tap to enable or disable the Turbo Spin to adjust the speed of reel spins in the game.


Option: Tap to show the game instructions and sound button.


Bet Select: Tap to adjust the bet.


Game rules: Tap to show the game rules and function button.

How to use the Auto Spin and Turbo Spin

Auto Spin Fortune Gems

General Steps for Auto Spin:

  1. Locate the Autoplay Button: Look for a button labeled “Autoplay,” “Auto Spin,” or something similar on the Fortune Gems game interface. It’s often located near the regular spin button.
  2. Set Spin Parameters: A menu might appear once you click the autoplay button, allowing you to set various parameters for the auto spin feature. These parameters could include:
    • Number of Spins: Choose the desired number of automatic spins. You might be able to select a specific number (like 10, 20, 50) or opt for options like “autoplay until feature trigger” (if bonus features exist).
    • Win/Loss Limits: You can set limits for autoplay to stop. For example, autoplay could stop if your balance reaches a specific win amount or dips below a certain loss limit. This helps you manage your bankroll.
    • Spin Speed: Some autoplay functions offer options for adjusting the speed of the spins. You can choose between “normal” and “fast” spins.

Turbo Spin

Here’s how to activate Turbo Spin:

  1. Bet Amount: Set your desired bet amount using the game controls.
  2. Turbo Spin Activation: Look for the Turbo Spin button once your bet is set. Click or tap on it to enable Turbo Spin mode.
  3. Faster Spins: With Turbo Spin active, the reels will spin acceleratedly. This feature is perfect for players who prefer rapid gameplay.


Fortune Gems of JILI777 offers an exciting gaming experience with dazzling multipliers, extra bet options, and a user-friendly interface for seamless play. It features quick spins, autoplay, and easy navigation, all wrapped in vibrant graphics. Designed for both casual and serious gamers, this game combines entertaining, strategic gameplay with the potential for significant rewards.