Boxing King, Introduction And Tips to the Game At JILI777

Get ready for an electrifying adventure with Boxing King, the latest slot game sensation from JILI777 Games! Step into the ring of professional boxing, where each spin delivers the excitement of a championship. With its engaging gameplay, Boxing King offers players a variety of potentially rewarding features that enhance the gaming experience.

From free spins to bonus rounds, this game guarantees a thrilling experience and ample opportunities to win big. Perfect for both boxing enthusiasts and slot game lovers, Boxing King is designed to keep you on the edge of your seat, cheering for more with every punch thrown and every spin taken.

JILI777 Boxing King Game Slot Features

Features and Descriptions

  • Game Name – Boxing King
  • Provider – JILI
  • Type – Video Slot Machine
  • Game Variance – ,, , , , , , , , 
  • Bet Type – 1 spin
  • Type of Interface – User-Friendly Interface with Las Vegas Theme
  • Game Variance – Video Slot

Boxing King Game Logo

The Money Coming logo on JILI777 symbolizes excitement, opportunity, and the promise of lucrative rewards. Designed with sleek, modern aesthetics, the emblem features bold typography that spells out “Money Coming” in a clean, easily readable font.


The logo’s center is an iconic symbol that embodies the essence of wealth and prosperity. A stylized representation of a golden coin, gleaming with radiant light, takes pride of place, symbolizing the potential for riches and abundance that awaits players in Money-Coming Games.

Boxing King Slot: Rules, Odds, Game Icons and Settings


  1. Starting from the first reel and going ” from left to right, if any symbol appears three times in a row,” the player wins.


  1. Points earned = Multiplier x Player bet.


  1. There are 88 paylines in total.
  2. Only the pay line with the highest score is paid out.
  3. If the game cannot be decided due to any error, the game is considered invalid.

Odds Boxing King

  • The Return to Player (RTP) percentage for the Boxing King slot game by JILI is an impressive 97.00%. This high RTP ensures players have a fair chance of winning as they enter the virtual boxing ring.

Name/Photo of Combinations and their Description


  1. “The combo multiplier” is displayed as x2, x3, x5, x6, and x8.
  2. Points won each clear will be multiplied based on the current “combo multiplier.”
  3. “The second clear” of each spin has a multiplier starting from x2.
  4. The multiplier is increased to x3 for “the third clear” of each spin.
  5. The multiplier is increased to x5 for “the fourth clear” of each spin.
  6. The multiplier is increased to x6 for “the fifth clear” of each spin.
  7. The multiplier is increased to the final x8 for “the sixth or after clear” of each spin.
  8. If the player does not win points, the “combo multiplier” resets to x2 and starts the next spin.

  1. During a free game, if  is obtained during the current spin, it will not be cleared and will remain until no more clears can be made. The player will then win extra free games based on the number of symbols obtained. The number is reset for the next spin.
  2. Each reel only has one , for a maximum of 5 total.
  3. The number of free spin symbols obtained equals the number of free games won.

x1 = 1 round

x2 = 2 round

x3 = 3 round

x4 = 4 round

x5 = 5 round


  1. Can replace any symbol in the game, except Scatter and Free Spin.
  2. Wild appears on the 3rd and 4th reels in a normal game.
  3. Wild appears on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th reels in a free game.

5 X 2

4 X 2

3 X 2

  1. The player enters a free game if 3 or more Scatters appear.
  2. Points earned = Player bet X 2.
  3. Scatters do not appear during free games.


x3 = 8 rounds

x4 = 12 rounds

x5 = 20 rounds

Pay Table


5 X 5

4 X 2

3 X 0.5



5 X 4

4 X 1.6

3 X 0.4


5 X 3

4 X 1.2

3 X 0.3


5 X 2.5

4 X 1

3 X 0.25


5 X 2

4 X 0.8

3 X 0.2


5 X 1.5

4 X 0.6

3 X 0.15


5 X 1

4 X 0.4

3 X 0.1


5 X 1

4 X 0.4

3 X 0.1


5 X 0.5

4 X 0.2

3 X 0.05


5 X 0.5

4 X 0.2

3 X 0.05

The Game Button Boxing King

Buttons and their Purpose


Spin: Tap to start spinning based on the current bet.


Auto Spin: Tap to start the autoplay, and click again to stop the auto spin.


Turbo Spin: Tap to enable or disable the Turbo Spin to adjust the speed of reel spins in the game.


Option: Tap to show the game instructions and sound button.


Bet Select: Tap to adjust the bet.


Game rules: Tap to show the game rules and function button.

How to use the Auto Spin and Turbo Spin

Auto Spin

General Steps for Auto Spin:

  1. Locate the Autoplay Button: Look for a button labeled “Autoplay,” Auto Spin,” or something similar on the Fortune Gems game interface. It’s often located near the regular spin button.
  2. Set Spin Parameters: A menu might appear once you click the autoplay button, allowing you to set various parameters for the auto spin feature. These parameters could include:
    • Number of Spins: Choose the desired number of automatic spins. You might be able to select a specific number (like 10, 20, 50) or opt for options like ” autoplay until feature trigger” (if bonus features exist).
    • Win/Loss Limits: You can set limits for autoplay to stop. For example, autoplay could stop if your balance reaches a specific win amount or dips below a certain loss limit. This helps you manage your bankroll.
    • Spin Speed: Some autoplay functions offer options for adjusting the speed of the spins. You might be able to choose between “normal” and “fast” spins.

Turbo Spin Boxing King

Here’s how to activate Turbo Spin:

  1. Bet Amount: Set your desired bet amount using the game controls.
  2. Turbo Spin Activation: Look for the Turbo Spin button once your bet is set. Click or tap on it to enable Turbo Spin mode.
  3. Faster Spins: With Turbo Spin active, the reels will spin acceleratedly. This feature is perfect for players who prefer rapid gameplay.


Boxing King, a slot game crafted by JILI, offers players a riveting and dynamic gaming experience with medium volatility and an impressive Return to Player (RTP) rate of 97.00%. Whether you’re a genuine boxing fan or searching for thrilling slot game spins, Boxing King transports you to the heart of championship excitement.

The game masterfully combines the intensity of boxing with the allure of slot gaming, ensuring every spin keeps you on the edge of your seat. As you navigate the rounds, the game’s engaging mechanics and vibrant graphics immerse you in a virtual boxing ring atmosphere. Remember, while the thrill of the game can be captivating, engaging in gameplay responsibly is essential. For those ready to step into the virtual ring and experience the pulse-pounding action of Boxing King, visit JILI777 and let the games begin!